Again, writing music scores ^_^

I forgot when the last time I wrote music scores. During last 1 year, writing sheet musics has been one of my continual activity in order to prepare several orchestra concerts. After no longer served as a chief conductor, I wrote music scores rarely .

But, lately, there are quite a lot of orders from various clients who ask me to write music scores again. Now the theme of my written music scores is religion. I’m writing music scores for the needs of two different religious events. Yeaah, in this month, there will be the Asyuro Day *a day to recall Imam Husein and his family sacrifice in defending the Allah’s religion* and Christmas.

Here I posted some of my completed music scores. One of them is written in fully-orchestrated form and the others are  written in partially orchestrated. No copyrights at all ^_^ Please reuse these if needed 🙂

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