2 New ‘Toys’

Last night, I found 2 new ‘toys’ (read: free softwares 😀 ) from the Internet deliberately. Those are Efficient Reminder Free and FreeMind. The first software is used for managing your daily activity and the second one is used for mind mapping your idea. After installing it last night, I directly used Efficient Reminder Free to arrange my activity for the next day. Here is its screen shot :

Efficient Reminder Free
Efficient Reminder Free

Using Efficient Reminder Free, you can add many daily events at ‘Calendar’ tab by defining each start time & end time, and you will get reminded as long as your computer is ‘alive’ 😀 You also can save your plan reminder and set a password if you don’t want anybody to see your daily plan * ooopss…. I’ve set a password *.

The second software installed is called FreeMind. It’s used for drawing mind maps. I need this because there will be more often meetings/brainstorming that I’ll face. For me, mind map is an efficient tool for organizing my idea and fastening my comprehension about one subject. And FreeMind makes me draw my own mind map using computer for the first time.


You can download Efficient Reminder Free here and FreeMind here

Yeaah, seems useful for me. And the most important one is that it’s free. :p I’m sorry if my information about those 2 toys has been already obsolete.


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